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Hey Guys,

Today I will Be Doing a Text Tutorial For This Important Subject Changing The Mac Address on the Dex No Going Back To Cex Or Anything.

-You Need To Be On Dex
-Download This CFW By BoZeX = CFW By BoZeX  <--Download
-Chaos Air Bringer = chaos air bringer  <-- Download
-Flash Memory (USB-ThumbDrive)
1-First You Need To Downgrade Your Ps3 To 3.55 Downgrader.
2-After That DownLoad The Cfw i Provided Above in the Requirements Section, Install the CFW.
3-Now Download Chaos Air Bringer Pkg Install it on Your Ps3
4-Get A Empty Flash Memory(USB-ThumbDrive-DildoDrive) Stick it on the right Port.
5-Enter The Pkg Don't Worry A Black Screen Will Show Up For 1-2 Minutes Then it'll will back you out to the XMB.
6-Take out Your USB, Stick it In your pc or laptop There will be a File called mac_original.bin

Now You Have Two Different Steps to take you choose you can only choose one

Be Careful Just Change Your Last 2 Characters, Don't Put 01 Anything else will work Beautifully.

7a-You Can open the File in HXD Edition and Change The Last 2 Characters, Then Change The Name To mac.bin and save it in ur USB, without Any Files in ur USB.

7b-You Can Go Into This Site Créateur de mac.bin - Generation Game - Génération Game And Put A Mac Address, Then Create. A New File Will be Downloaded. Delete The Original File Then Put The New Generated File in The USB.

8.Put The File In Your Right Port of The PS3, Then enter the PKG again (same shit will happen 1-3 mins of black screen) then it will back out to the XMB

9.Do Not Do Anything Straight Turn Off Your Ps3

10.Turn it Back On Vola Your Mac Is Changed

11.Now You Can Go To any Dex Cfw Straight (What i Suggest is Go To PS3ITA)


BoZeX-For The CFW

Have Fun Guys grin

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Awesome great post thanks man this will be useful *)

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Nice mate, thank you for this ")

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No Problem grin

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