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Good in this tutorial I'll show to change the mac of your PS3 for those who have been banned from mac in GTA V, Bo2, Ghost ect very easy using sen enabler. 

Here I leave the file where only you will have to download and modify the mac, also those we find in the pc in Sen Enabler / Patcher Files / SEN Enabler / folder[Tutorial] Change your PS3 mac Sen Enabler (CEX-DEX) 6b1c2d460c50b9ea5af4f3ed48e6d803 

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]!JxNFGSyT!Vmsg_tgRBExoGb-3AG_kgw" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">mega.co.nz {#}F{ #}!JxNFGSyT!Vmsg_tgRBExoGb-3AG_kgw

Once we have the file, we change the mac from our PC (I recommend changing your mac to the last 2 digits) and had a flash drive in Fat 32 
now will get the stick in our PS3 and open enabler sen (internet always off) 

[Tutorial] Change your PS3 mac Sen Enabler (CEX-DEX) 5664ad9b38bbec6aa4c93463a541ddbb

Once inside we press circle, we asked if we change the mac and give to accept and we will restart the PS3. 
Now once restarted, let's settings / system settings / system information. and we should now appear mac modified. 

[Tutorial] Change your PS3 mac Sen Enabler (CEX-DEX) B786c19497bd6017a55cc3365d9aee5c 

Once this is done and assemble the game and we protect it with sen enabler parcheamos id (if necessary) hide CFW and finally delete the data record and now difrutar online, that's all greetings hope you helps.


Credit to javips5

[Tutorial] Change your PS3 mac Sen Enabler (CEX-DEX) 2ld9ke8
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