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Okay so there are a lot of tools that have been released lately that will only work in certain regions, well I just happened to stumble across one of these tools which has been released by the French Modding Team for GTA V and I really wanted to use it, but sadly my game disc was BLUS. Well after doing some research I found a tut that shows you exactly what you need to do to be able to change the region code. In this video tut you will see exactly what files you need to change and update. Also there is a website on the video which is where you can get the "PS3 Tools" program from that he uses in the video to change the files.

Now if you are like me and wanted to change your GTA V from BLUS to BLES then here is how I did it.
Make a copy of your BLUS GTA V in multiMan. Once this is complete take your BLUS disc out. Keep your multiMan open.
Download the GTA V BLES .rar file at the bottom of this thread and extract the files to your desktop.
Open up Filezilla, type in your PS3's IP and then click quick connect.
On the bottom left hand side of your Filezilla you will click on Desktop then click on the BLES GTA V folder to open to the 3 files you are going to swap out.

Next on the bottom right side of Filezilla you will see all of you PS3's files, you will click on the one that says "HDD" once you are in that file you will see another file that says "GAMES" click on that, it will open up and you will see your copied BLUS GTA.

Click on the BLUS GTA file, inside you will see a few folders and files, now the files that you are going to swap are these: "LIC.DAT" "PARAM.SFO" and the "PS3_DISC" all of the files you downloaded from this thread are already converted to BLES, so now just go in and drag and drop these files over the ones that are in the BLUS copy.

Your last step will be to rename the GTA V game folder from BLUS to BLES, the actual name you need to type in is this "BLES01807" once you have done this click refresh in your multiMan then scroll down to you copy of GTA V press square to bring up the game options, you should see on the left hand side of the screen under the game cover it now says BLES01807, BOOM! you now have a BLES copy of GTA V.
You will now need to re-install the new BLES GTA V and then update it all the way to title update 1.11

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