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The Requirements are:

1- A ps3 that is running a CFW (DEX - CEX)
2- Usb that is formatted to Fat32
3- A computer 
4- A brain

Step 1:

You need to download this +[4.70].rar]SEN Enabler v5.8.2 [CEX-DEX] [4.70], and install it on your CFW

Step 2:

A- Go to

[ltr] 1 From the main menu, select “Settings“.
2 Scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Network Settings“.
3 Select “Settings and Connection Status List“.
4 The “MAC Address” is displayed on the screen.[/ltr]

B- Type ur Mac address on a Paper, or anywhere just because u will need it later.

Step 3:

A- Go to your computer, create a text document and type in the following:

[ltr]# #
# SEN Enabler patch file #
# #


* Only change what is in red WITHOUT CHANGING THE PLACE[/ltr]

B- Change the Mac address in the text with urs, BUT ONLY CHANGE THE LAST TWO NUMBERS, and do not include ":" , please dont leave any spaces in the Mac, because the text is very sensitive. DONT CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE TEXT EXCPET THE MAC ADDRESS.

C- Save the text document with this name: MAC.txt (please make sure that the "MAC" is written in capitals)

D- Put the file (MAC.txt) in the ROOT of the usb.

Step 4:

Go to SEN Enabler, it will show you some option click the option that changes the mac address (which is R3 (the right analog stick)). Now it should reboot, go to ur settings as before, and see if ur Mac address is changed. Now the sad part is, you will need to do this every time u shutdown ur ps3 (only the part when the usb is plugged, and you go to SEN Enabler and press R3).

Credit to Toxic Mods  

[CFW] How To Change Mac Address Without Downgrading To 3.55 2ld9ke8
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