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Things you need is:happy

1: Usb Flash Drive
2:CFW With Multiman (Duh)
3:Hex Editor Neo ( Here )
4:SimlyZip ( Here
5:Notepad++ ( Here )
6:Very focused brain lel
7:The files used to make this *premade* with black background (still learning about that) and color settings.js file kudos to 1Glowball : ( Here )
Time to get started!

STEP 1: put all the contents in one folder on ur desktop.

STEP 2: open up the lines.qrc for YOUR ps3 region only in (PAL or NTSC) folders,the weird shit ont he right of the white box just click the x part hereHOW TO MAKE XMB COLORS 6S3vy and hit backspace till its like HOW TO MAKE XMB COLORS 6S3yh Save it and quit Hex neo for now.shifty

STEP 3: open up simply zip and click on extrenal progs and click the zlib option and open up ur lines that you had in hex,then decompress it.

STEP 4: open up color settings.js and to change the left part or right part of the wave it goes like

1 = Background Top Half Color...
2 = Background Bottom Half Color...
3 = Wave Left Half Color...
4 = Wave Right Half Color...

for this tut lets just say we want to make the whole wave blue,we simply goto " 3 BLUE:float:0.006448 " and ur just gonna edit the " 0.00 " part,so the higher the number is the higher the color intensity will be,i usually put mine at like 5.5 or 5.9,but dont just type it in,theres 14 other spots to do it,simply hit ctrl+f and goto replace table and past int he " 3 BLUE:float:0.00 " part only in both boxes,and in the bottom put " 3 BLUE:float:5.5 " and hit replace ALL and now the left side of ur wave will be part blue now do the same for the right side of ur wave,which will be " 4 BLUE:float:0.002933 " and once ur done save it.

STEP 5: exit out of notepad and in the folder that you have your "lines" file now select both and open them up with Hex neo and on the lines tab search for the offset "000039f0" in the blue box off to left of hex editor,not that hard to spot,once there click on the 1st bye and goto the color settings tab and hit crtl+a and then ctrl+c then goto lines tab and hit ctrl+v and it will show some red shit,thats okay.just hit ctrl+s and close out.

STEP 6:go back in simply zip and this time we are gonna compress the lines file,once thats done,just close it and u will see a lines.zlp file,just delete the "lines" and "lines.qrc" files and now rename the lines.zlp back to lines.qrc again.

STEP 6: open up your new lines.qrc in Hex neo and what ever region you picked to edit ur lines if you picked NTSC folder(make sure thats ur ps3 region) then open up the "lines.zlp 8 byte hex start" same as the PAL if its pal folder ur using just open the "PAL lines.zlp 8 byte hex start" and in that window hit ctrl+a then ctrl+c and head over to your lines window and click on green pencil button thingy and hit ctrl+v and it should paste the correct 8 bytes line we deleted in the beginning back in,now thats done hit ctrl+s and exit and replace in "dev_rebug>vsh>resource>qgl>lines.qrc if ur using rebug toolbox to file transfer then restart ur ps3.

please let me know if this is noob enough to understand lel im not trying to spam shit like this xD just trying to help you guys make cool shit.

Creidits to this shit > zCustom Hoster

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