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I'm here today to show my colors tool to change waypoint and menus bars colors.
It basically helps those who do not know the hudcolor.dat edit or to facilitate the work of those who already know [GrandTheftAuto] Utility: Simple Colors Tool Cool

Thanks: Kryptus 

Downloads & ViruScan:
[url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/mey1mzjwuen7anu/GTA Hud]Download[/url]
Virus Scan DLL
Virus Scan EXE

[GrandTheftAuto] Utility: Simple Colors Tool 123

[GrandTheftAuto] Utility: Simple Colors Tool Grand%2BTheft%2BAuto%2BV[GrandTheftAuto] Utility: Simple Colors Tool Grand%2BTheft%2BAuto%2BV_2

Credit to EdUaRdO

[GrandTheftAuto] Utility: Simple Colors Tool 2ld9ke8
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