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Ok first off you're going to need these files:
- TrueAncestor SELF Resigner v1.85
- make_fself

1.) Get the file that you want to use and move it to your desktop. It could be an Eboot to run the game on DEX or it can be a self file (mp.self,sp.self, and whatever else) to do some real time editing.

2.) Extract the files and put them on your desktop. (The TrueAncestor file & make_fself file) Now first were going to use the TrueAncestor SELF Resigner. Take your self file that you want to use for rtm, and put it into the self folder in the Resigner.

3.) Now open the Resigner.exe, and it will show the program with a bunch of different options to choose from. Now to get our .self file to convert into an .elf file, (which we need to use for the make_fself) choose the #4 option on the left side by typing 4 and hit enter. After you hit enter, the program should show up like this:

And then choose your files number, mine is 1 so I type 1 and hit enter. It will then say decrypting etc and complete.

4.) Now, go into the self folder again where you first placed your self file in step 2. In the self folder, you will see the file that you put in there, and the new file that you just made, which is the .elf file.

5.) Take your elf file and move it into your make_fself folder. Now that its in that folder, you want to open up the cmd. (Do not run as Admin)

6.) In cmd, you want to type this.
cd desktop/make_fself

and then type
make_fself yourfile.elf EBOOT.BIN

7.) Now after all that, go back to the make_fself folder, and in there you should see your .elf file, and now a brand new EBOOT.BIN, the EBOOT.BIN is now the debug EBOOT.BIN.

8.) Now take the debug EBOOT and put it on your ps3 for the game that you want it for. Just replace the old EBOOT that is on there now with the new debug Eboot. Now since you have a debug eboot, you can now run the game on DEX and rtm.

- Enjoy

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Thanks bro ") this is the way I used to do it

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Hahaha That Drawing Tho Frosty :3 I Know People Who Would Love This, Thanks happy

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