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A load of new info on Noctis' adventure

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has a ton of new information on Final Fantasy XV, including a few little bits and pieces that we think are well worth sharing. Indeed, much of this is stuff that we didn't even know, despite having written approximately one billion articles on Square Enix's upcoming role-playing game.

Firstly, it sounds like the title will have some sort of dialogue choice system, in which you can decide how Noctis responds to various situations. Apparently, you can get status buffs through the use of different options, and the outcome of quests may change depending on what the protagonist wants to do. Hopefully, this'll allow us to shape Noctis' adventure into something slightly more personal.

Speaking of quests, there are currently over 200 included in the game, and the development team is looking to increase that number before launch. Quests come in four types depending on the sort of activity that they consist of; there are main story quests, minigame quests - which include fishing and chocobo racing - monster hunting quests, and "regional" quests. It's not entirely clear what that last one means, but we're guessing they're more like traditional side quests that take place within certain areas.

Good stuff so far, then, but there is one nugget of information that we're not entirely keen on just yet. Much like in Final Fantasy VIII, magic spells are handled like a resource. No, you won't be tediously drawing them from enemies for hours on end, but you will need to collect and stock up on them in order to use magic. We're just hoping that this doesn't end up limiting your actions in battle.

Fortunately, the skill system sounds more promising. When Noctis and the gang level up, they acquire ability points, which you can spend on various skills. Examples include enhancing your auto-dodge ability and unlocking new commands for your allies. Supposedly, this system will allow you to form your own style of play.
How excited are you for Final Fantasy XV? Are you liking some of these details, or are you hesitant?

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