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Yes, of course

The patch notes for PlayStation 4 firmware updates rarely tell the full tale, as Sony often squeezes in an extra feature or two. And that continues to be true with v3.50 – the latest system software which launched yesterday. The web is awash with all kinds of hidden upgrades, and we've included them all for your perusal below.

To begin, screenshot notifications can now be disabled, meaning that you'll no longer ruin your perfectly positioned share with an obnoxious "Screenshot saved" icon. To turn it off, head to the Notifications portion of the Settings menu, and uncheck the relevant box. If that doesn't deserve a big fat BONZA, then we don't know what does.

Next! The USB Music Player is back where it belongs. As before, you'll need to prepare your USB stick as per the instructions through here, but once you plug it in, the app should appear on the dashboard. If it doesn't, just go to your Library and scroll down to the letter 'U'. You'll find the app waiting for you like an old friend with a warm mug of Horlicks.

Other improvements: Parties can now be limited in size so you don't get any gate crashers; you can remove people from the always inaccurate 'Players You May Know' field using the options button; network tests now function as intended; automatic Trophy screenshots are taken at the exact moment of unlock, more effectively capturing your most greatest achievements on camera.

Small things, then, but as they constantly remind us at Tesco: every little helps. Nah, seriously, the option to turn off that "Screenshot saved" notification is a game changer. Good stuff, Sony.

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