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"Tekken 7" is slated to come out this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But aside from the exciting
new gameplay and characters, there is one aspect of the "Tekken 7" release that had fans all pumped up
- it is the reported virtual reality features.

When the VR idea first came to the surface, senior game designer Michael Murray clarified that it is not
what fans expect.

"When we announced that we're going to do something with virtual reality, people were like 'oh
, so you're going to be playing in first person and hitting each other? That sounds like crap!'"
Murray told WIRED in an interview. That said, Murray basically dispelled all possible notions of a
virtual reality game mode on the upcoming "Tekken 7."

Murray added that first-person virtual reality features will not work well with a fighting game such
as "Tekken 7."

Murray explained that the core of the game is still its characters. He teased that fans of the
franchise will be able to play new characters, including cute female warriors such as Lucky Chloe.
The player customization has also been amped up.

A lot of the features developed in "Tekken 7: Fate Retribution" will be incorporated in the console
release of "Tekken 7," plus a lot more additions. Mini-games such as "Tekken Bowling" and story
-driven modes, such as "Devil Within" in "Tekken 5," may also make a comeback.

Meanwhile, a striking upgrade to one of the original characters of the game is that of Nina
Williams. Her redesign completely caught "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution" off guard. In the game,
the female assassin dons a bridal gown, a complete shift from her usual battle gear. When asked
about the reason behind the costume change, Katsuhiro Harada told Anime News Network that it
was a way to present a backstory, and at the same time, add an element that would pique players'

Then again, according to reports, the heart of what makes "Tekken" the massively successful
game franchise is that it carefully develops the story arcs of each character. This explains why
virtual reality would not exactly benefit the series. The characters, their looks and their fighting
styles, are supposed to be appreciated from a certain vantage point, instead of beating them
down at a first-person perspective.

Watch "Tekken 7" announcement trailer below:

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