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Hello, Team-PSN members! I have a pretty cool thread for you guys today! I am releasing my own personal fresh platinum trophy folders for free! I believe 37 of them were from the 37 disk games I have that contain trophies. I am currently doing more games that I bought from PSN & I will be adding them as soon as I have them all completed. Enjoy!

I know that there are a few other platinum folder threads out there but this one is different. I am doing this with a blank account that has never been signed in & I have tested them on another blank account so I know for a fact these folders are clean, have legit timestamps & work 100%(Only exception is the God Of War 3 folder, which I got from FinalFantasyXIV that I have not tested so let me know if it works

Download Link


Credit to CraCk_BaBy_13

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