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Hi everyone!

I am glad I finally came to a stable enough stage to publish my brand new project ! I have decided to take in hand the future of "PSNStuff" which I started from scratch completly in Java instead of C# !

What makes PSNDL better than PSNStuff?

  • Works on every OS! (Only tested in Windows 8.1 64 Bits as today)
  • Multiple downloads at same time!
  • Rename package name to a readable name
  • Requests can be easily validated via a website
  • Nice interface
  • You tell me [Release] PSNDL v0.3 - The new PSNStuff! - Free PSN Games! Smiley !

Please, don't be too hard with me, you can't expect PSNDL to be perfectly stable before v1.0! It is currently in Beta Stage!

Screenshot : 

[Release] PSNDL v0.3 - The new PSNStuff! - Free PSN Games! JrqQ9jC

PS : Database from old PSNStuff will not be compatible with PSNDL!
PS : If you leave a db file in same folder as PSNDL, it will read that file instead of fetching it online.

PSNDL - v0.3

  • Added column sorting
  • Fix files being saved to wrong directory
  • Corrected few little mistakes

PSNDL - v0.2

  • Fix weird success output when submitting requests
  • Better download manager
  • Added offline database in zip
  • Added .rap extension in rap name

Download : 
PSNDL v0.3 : http://rghost.net/57775012

You will need Java 7 or later to be able to run it!

Thanks to

  • The community for making this huge database
  • Byethost for hosting free the database
  • Somee for hosting the website for validating submitted requests
  • To everyone having worked on previous PSNStuff

[Release] PSNDL v0.3 - The new PSNStuff! - Free PSN Games! 2ld9ke8
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