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1) Download CCAPI_2.50_package Here

2) Decompress the .rar archive on your pc,
You will get this:

3) Double click, on CCAPI-setupV2.5.exe, and follow the steps, choose an installation folder, it's better to keep default folders

This will install the CCAPI.dll and the ConsoleManager on your PC, so that you can add new console to your console list and that the CCAPI.dll will be automatically found by tools that want to use it. Once you made the installation, reboot your PC.
Check that the CCAPI.dll has been added to your PATH, For this, open a cmd, start menu -> execute -> cmd. Use the command "echo %PATH%", you should see your CCAPI installation folder:

If you don't see this line, try to reboot, if you still cannot see this line, you will have to manually update your PATH, and add this line, else skip step 3.5
3.5) Optional step if CCAPI is not in the PATH
Open start menu, right click on Computer, select Property:

Then click on Advanced Parameters (1 on the screen,) then click on Environnement variable (2) on the Screen:

Then, find the Path variable (1), edit it (2) and add your CCAPI installation folder, most of the time it's C:\Program Files(x86)\ControlConsoleAPI\

Then reboot your pc, and check that if you do echo %PATH% in a cmd the CCAPI folder is there.

4) Now, install the XX0001-ENSTONEXX_00-00000000000CCAPIv2.50.pkg on your PS3.

(Put the file on a usb for example, go to install package, and install it)
Run the program on the ps3, if you already have an installed CCAPI version on your PS3 it will first uninstall it, then reboot your ps3.
Then re-run the installer on the PS3 and install the CCAPI 2.50. Your PS3 will reboot.

5) Go to Start Menu, open CCAPIConsoleManager, now click on File -> add new console

Enter your PS3 ip, and choose a name for your PS3

Now you can right-click on your PS3 in the left side bar, and connect to your console

6) How to use tools that have been made for CCAPI 2.00
Open PS3LibV4.3.rar, then v4.3 folder, you will see PS3Lib.dll

Now place your CCAPI tool in a folder, delete the CCAPI.dll (if there is one near it, this dll is not used anymore) and replace the PS3Lib.dll withthe one on the screen.
You can now use your old CCAPI 2.00 tool

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