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Sony is expected to finally announce the PlayStation 4 NEO at the upcoming E3 2016 event and the
upgraded GPU inside the console is rumored to be as powerful as the AMD Radeon RX 480.

AMD has recently unveiled their new Polaris 11 GPU with he RX 480 and the PlayStation 4
NEO GPU is said to match its power. The feat does sound possible considering that the
company makes the chipsets for the PS4 consoles.

Basically, all of the earlier reports have shown that the upgraded console would be able to
dish out a constant 60 frames per second framerate at resolutions of up to 4K. Even the PC
gaming industry has not yet reached that level of power with the NVIDIA GTX 1080 coming

The AMD Polaris 11 Radeon RX 480 is said to be a point-for-point match for the PlayStation 4
NEO GPU in terms of specs and TFLOPS, Digital Foundry reported. Sony could be using the
same 14nmFinFET chip manufacturing process used in the new graphic cards.

With that raw power, the new upgraded console could finally match PC gaming. However,
the new cards from NVIDIA may have pushed the PC gamers further to the top.

There are also reports that the PlayStation 4 NEO would also be able to support the PlayStation
VR headset. It can even run better because of its more powerful GPU or APU, PlayStation
Universe has learned.

The new upgraded console is more or less confirmed with all the rumors, speculations and
leaked information spreading throughout the Internet. One French video game distributor even
slipped and might have given away the release date of the console which is by October or
even September 2016 at the earliest.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been around for several years now without any form of upgrade.
Launching a next-gen console would be the best bet but their lifecycle is still not over.

Sony could finally reveal and clarify all the details regarding their PlayStation 4 NEO at their
upcoming E3 2016 presentation. The specs could confirm whether it is as powerful as the AMD
Radeon RX 480 powered by the Polaris architecture.

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