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Blizzard's PC MOBA Heroes of the Storm is adding its first character from the developer's upcoming multiplayer shooter Overwatch. The character Tracer is coming to Heroes of the Storm on April 19 for people who pre-purchase a digital copy of the $60 Overwatch: Origins Edition for PC.

Tracer will be available to buy for everyone else a week later, starting April 26. In a statement, Blizzard said Tracer is the first Overwatch character for Heroes of the Storm, suggesting more may follow.

Her introduction into Heroes of the Storm is also noteworthy because when Tracer arrives on April 19, Overwatch won't even be out yet--nor will the open beta even have started.

She's also interesting because she can move while attacking, which is a first for any Heroes of the Storm character, Blizzard said. Her Heroic ability can be upgraded in a number of ways. Check out the video above to learn more about Tracer's look and abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

As for Overwatch, the game's open beta begins in early May, while the full game arrives across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 24.

Tracer has not been without controversy. Recently, some players said they were unhappy with her "butt pose," and in wake of this feedback, Blizzard will remove and replace this with something new.

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