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[Grandtheftauto] [1.25] RECOVERY TOOL 1.1 [BLES] + SOURCE/STATS CGB9o57

I've seen plenty of people on Team-psn wanting more for account recoveries. My good friend CodeShark and I decided to develop and release this rather large recovery tool, open source and with stat documentation. Hope you enjoy!
[Grandtheftauto] [1.25] RECOVERY TOOL 1.1 [BLES] + SOURCE/STATS Blackhat


[Grandtheftauto] [1.25] RECOVERY TOOL 1.1 [BLES] + SOURCE/STATS Ub8pxyS


Download Tool [1.1]
Mediafire Mirror [1.1]
VirusTotal (0/57) - Last Updated 07/08/2015

Download Source [1.1]
Mediafire Mirror [1.1]

Download Stat Documentation [1.0]
Last Updated 04/19/2015

If the contents of this source are used in any way, all we ask is you provide proper credits.


Initial Release

Title Update + Small Addition & Fixes
1.1.1: Title Update 1.25

Special Features

  • Stats being used are displayed in the menu strip as they're processed! (CCAPI only. On TMAPI only last used stat for function is shown.)
  • Unlock Heist Vehicles.
  • Unlock All Clothing with Beer Hats.
  • Unlock Exclusive T-Shirts.
  • Enable Roosevelt for Purchase. (Doesn't stick. Just allows you to temporarily purchase.)
  • Reset Vehicle Sell Timer.
  • Property Editor.
  • Advanced Combat Stat Editing.
  • Sexy ass teleporting transition.
  • Time Editor.
  • Apparel Editor.
  • Special Hair Colors.
  • Saved Recovery Package Configurations.
  • For "heavy" features that require lots of calling, the options are run in the background for CCAPI; Meaning the tool will not stall when called. This doesn't work for TMAPI; the tool will still stall.

Known Issues

  • It's hard to get Dev T-Shirts to stick. If anyone finds a method to stick it 100% of the time, please share!
  • Unique Hair Colors don't stick, as far as I know. If anyone finds a method to making them stick, please share!
  • Unlock All Clothing doesn't purchase Hipster T-Shirts.

Tips & Tricks

  • Do NOT deposit ANY cash given with the "Add Cash" function!
  • Do NOT have more than $99,000,000 total in the bank!
  • "Deduct" will take money from your Bank, if there is any, then your Cash, if bank is empty.
  • For time modification, do not input too much. The input value is capped.
  • An alternative Skip Tutorial method is changing rank during the intro cutscene, then logging out once entering the blue race circle for the race against Lamar.
  • If Beer Hats are not unlocking for you in-game, go to the Character Selection menu, execute the option, then enter game. They should now be unlocked.
  • If Dev T-Shirts are messed up, go to the Character drop down menu and make sure you have the correct gender selected.
  • To save the tools Outfits, save them as Custom Outfits in a store, apartment, etc.

What are Configurations?
Configurations are, in an essence, preset packages. You can customize each to your liking, and your selections will be saved in the tool for future use!


For tremendous research and testing of stats as well as the tool, and contributing a huge portion of content for this tool; And for always being my niqqa.

Dan Dactyl
For the 1.23 RPC Base, and always being my niqqa <3.

For the 1.24 RPC Base

Ap ii Intense
For his help with saving Developer T-Shirts.

For the Clear Reports/Cheater Stats from his source, as well as help with Background Workers, and for always being my sheep. <3

Google, Sony, Rockstar Games, Stack Overflow
For always being my niqqas.

Trippy Driddy - CodeShark - Soulus - Striker - TaKe NoTeZ

Credit to anyone else who feels they deserve credit!

[Grandtheftauto] [1.25] RECOVERY TOOL 1.1 [BLES] + SOURCE/STATS LulzEnzo

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