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Supplies: A DLC.edat
And everything here: Here All The Stuff Needed To Edit DLC

Ok so first you need to decrypt the file go into the true_ancestor folder and drop your DLC.edat file into the edat folder. Then you want to open rebuilder.exe . Once open hit
1 then enter
Then put b then enter
Not it will ask for a key open up Klicense + contentid and copy the klicense into the program and hit enter. It will start decrypting. Once it says done, close the program and in your edat folder will be DLC.Dat . Put that somewhere while renaming it DLC.rpf and open liberty viewer . Once open hit playstation then open, find your file and edit the files in it by extracting or importing. Open them with notepad ++ . If you want to edit handling.dat use the handling.dat editor provided in the folder. Once done editing save the file and rename it DLC.edat and move it to the edat folder replacing the old one. Now open the rebuilder and hit
2 then enter
B then enter
Then open the Klicense + contentid.txt
Copy the content id and paste it then hit enter
Then copy and paste the klicense and hit enter
Once its done encrypting u can go into the edat folder take it out and stick it on ur ps3


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