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Hello everybody! So I've got a fun tool for everybody. It's a plugin launcher that will work with both Xbox360 and Playstation 3! I want to get the community involved so I have opened up a source file to create your own plugins! All you gotta do is follow the comments in the source file, build something cool and let me have a look at it. If I like it (or if it's not a duplicate) then I'll plug it into the launcher for everybody to use! Should be a good way to get your name out there :P 

[Modding] Cain's Playground [PLUGIN LAUNCHER] 6d75900f8754f3b02246a6fed2144ec8

Compact but powerful!

So, coming out of the gate, here are the games that I've made plugins for;

[*]Halo (Xbox)
[*]Halo 4 (Xbox)
[*]Skyrim (Xbox)
[*]Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS3)
[*]Metal Gear Online (PS3) - OutDated
[*]Metal Gear Solid (PS3|PSX) [Works with CCAPI 2.60]
[*]Parasite Eve 2 (PS3|PSX) [Works with CCAPI 2.60]

Virus Scan
VS Returns false positive due to packer used :P

Credit to Cain352  

[Modding] Cain's Playground [PLUGIN LAUNCHER] 2ld9ke8
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