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ntastically well and seems to be the culmination of everything Rockstar has learned since the original launch of the title back on last-gen consoles and the new-gen re-release since.

What’s really happened, however, is that Grand Theft Auto has given players their biggest, most fleshed-out open world playground since The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, which remains a PC favorite to this day.

Obviously, the two settings couldn’t be more disparate. One is a fantasy landscape of swords, sorcery and dragons, the other is a modern day parody of southern California focused on crime, corruption and shootouts with gang members and cops alike. But both share a common achievement, as each has arguably the most in-depth open world of their era.

But one thing could be standing in GTA’s way, something that could prevent it from having the kind of longevity as Skyrim. The seeming reluctance of Rockstar to support mods.

Skyrim, as a vanilla game, already comes baked in with potentially hundreds of hours of exploration. But the game has really thrived throughout the past few years because of an enormous modding community that has refined, tweaked or outright broken the game in every way imaginable. There are mods to allow you to see the individual fibers of fabric on a tunic, and there are mods that allow you to replace all dragons in the game with Thomas the Tank engine. The spectrum is wide, and it is true definition of a sandbox where anything is possible.

GTA 5 certainly allows players to explore the countryside, but you won’t stumble into the sort of bottomless dungeons you can encounter in Skyrim, nor will you create a dozen different characters with different specialties. Rather, Rockstar wants to herd players into an alternate sort of endgame, GTA Online.

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I haven't played GTA in forever because I got bored. (happens quickly with me lol). I have always loved Rockstar, Red Dead is one of my favorite games, but I hope they can get their pewps together and realize that modding isn't a "bad" thing. Sheesh.

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