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LcGamingHD's thread of not getting reset or ban it didn't work for me. I'd follow the steps then when I log out back in, "Advanced Warfare Service is Not Available Anymore"

I found my own way I never got banned or reset yet.

Don't link your Call of Duty account to your account after you mod your account do it before!
Don't use any DLC tools as you will get banned regardless of anti ban EBOOT!
Use AntiBan EBOOT
I think it's safe to personally stay at prestige 0.
Unlock all is safe with this method.


1.Load up Advanced Warfare

2.Log in and sign in.

3.After it fetches profile connect + attach your stat tool.

4.Modify the stats make sure everything adds up and nothing way to high just use common sense.

5.After you set the stats get a couple kills in the game.

6.Quit the game and turn off PS3.

7.Turn it back on load up AW.

8.Sign in enjoy stats.

Credit to RecklessNGU

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