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Well this game should be self explanatory

But just in case lol

In this game all you need to do is
describe the person above you
yep its that simple
Now we like to keep things  at least pg rating so
please no dirty stuff that you wouldn't say around your kids( if you have any)
And as always please do not spam this thread

now lets have fun happy

Loves Yoshi

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well the poster above me
Is a one of a kind guy who loves every one and every thing..besides hate .
he is a easy to get along wiht type of guys ..once you get to know him lol


If you need any help don't be afraid to ask happy

"To smoke -Or not -To Smoke ..that is ..wait that isn't the question ..bong or pipe ?
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Ok.... Yoshi is the kind of guy who is constantly laughing (I think we all know why  shifty ) He's really friendly, super nice and has a crazy brain that produces a million ideas in like, 2 seconds. grin

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Riley is fun n funny, has a great sense of humor n has made me laugh with posting that goat simulator thing! lol

for that she is totally awesome!

...before you judge others, take a look in the mirror...

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