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Hey Guys, I Just Wanted To Share This Amazing Two Sites That Allows You To Watch Brand New Movies And Shows (Some New Movies Are Not HD But Sooner Or Later They Will Be HD But Most Of Them Are HD)For Free, No Signing Up, No Surveys, No Tricks Or Anything. I Am Also Going To Be Giving A Tutorial On How To Watch It, So Lets Begin.

Website Links:
Levidia Watch Free HD Online Movies And Shows

VideoBull Watch Free HD Online Shows

Levidia Movies And Shows Tutorial:

1) First Choose A Movie E.g. Annabelle

2) Choose A Link (Best Ones Are Colenak And Nowvideo)

3)You Will Be Redirected, To A Page Like This V Than Click Direct Link (A New Window Will Pop Up, So Exit That New Window)

4)You Will Be Redirected Again To A Page Like This V Than Click The Play Button (New Window Will Pop UP, So Exit That New Window)

5)Than You Will Be Able To Watch The Movie (This Method Applies To All Movies And Shows)

VideoBull Shows Tutorial:

1)First Choose The Show You Want To Watch E.g. South Beach Tow

2)Click On The Show You Want To Watch And You Will Be Presented With A Page Like This

3)Choose Which Episode And Season You Want And You Will See A Page Like This

4) Choose Which Submitted Video From A User (The Best User That Posts Good Videos Is Crawler

5)You Will Be Redirected To A ADFLY Page, And Just Wait 5 Seconds And Skip To The Video And You Will Something Similar To This Page

6)You Will See An X On The Bottom Left Of The Middle of The Screen In Grey, Press The X And You Will Be Able To Enjoy Watching Your Favorite Show (When You Click The X Button A New Page Will Open Up, Just Close It And You be Able To Watch The Show)

~ MaJeStiCHaCkZ (For Post)
~ MaJeStiCHaCkZ (Tutorial)
~ MaJeStiCHaCkz (Links)

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