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I didn't see it on here so I'm going to post how to fix your PS3's Ylod with an
oven instead of the Heat gun method.  

NOTE(s): Don't do this if your ps3 is still under warranty. Just send it to Sony. This is for those who; 1.) Don't have or want to spend $150 to get it fixed by Sony, 2.) Don't have the proper tools for the heat gun method, or 3.) Tried the heat gun method and it failed.

Also this tut has been confirmed to fix PS3s that have had the Green Light of Death or GLoD by martin420.

Also, this is a tutorial for PS3 Phats that have fallen victim to the YLoD. I'm not
familiar with how the inside of PS3 slim is, bit I'm sure if you google a tutorial on how to disassemble ps3 slim, the ovem method would be the same.

First off you'll need to buy a tube of thermal paste before you begin. I got mine at Radio Shack for $10. Artic Silver 5 is recommended. Looks like this: arctic 5 thermal compound - Google Search

Now: First, you'll need to dissassemble your PS3 completely. For that, here is a detailed picture tutorial(I take no credit for the tutorial): Playstation 3 Disassembly Tutorial

2.) Once you have disassembled your PS3 completely, look for the GPU and CPU on the motherboard. They are the two biggest squares with the thermal paste on them. Once you do that, get some Q-Tips(or anything lent free) and apply a small dab of rubbing alcohol on it and remove the left over thermal paste. Make sure none is on the motherboard as well.

3.) Once that is done, Remove the PS3's internal battery(stores the date, time, etc.). Look on the motherboard for a little silver battery(Like this:  ps3 bios battery - Google Search) as well as the little sticky black things on the motherboard. Failure to do so will result in them melting to the motherboard and the battery exploading(I learned the hard way as I forgot to do so. My battery exploaded so I had to get a new one).

4.) Once the motherboard is good to go, get a deep aluminum foil baking pan. Then lye the motherboard so that its sitting on the pans edge's(NOT in the pan itself). This allows the heat from the oven to heat and reflow both sides of the motherboard.

5.) Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F. Pretty simple.

6.) Once your oven is at 425 degrees F, stick the motherboard in the oven and set the timer(or time yourself if you lack a timer) for 10 minutes.

7.) Once the 10 minutes is up, remove the motherboard from the oven and let it cool for 2-3 minutes.

8.) Once it has cooled, you can apply the new thermal paste. To do this, you'll need an old credit card(or any plastic card of that sort). Now add a thin strip of thermal paste to the GPU and CPU; Here's a pic of how much you should apply: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

9. Now take the card and smooth the thermal paste out on both chips. Make
sure while doing that, none gets on the motherboard. If it does, wipe it off.

10.) Once you have applied the fresh thermal paste, you can begin to re-assemble your PS3. Just follow the disassemble tutorial backwards to re-assemble your system.

11.) Enjoy playing your PS3 again.

NOTE: The YLOD fix is not permanent. It lasts 3-5 months before you must apply more paste again. I fixed my ps3 in January(2011) and did not have to re apply thermal paste until last July(2011). The 3-5 months also gives you time to just save up for a new PS3. =D

Please don't forget to thank if you found this
tut useful and easy to understand. And if you tried it and were successful, post here so I can add your name to the list.

1. milkwithbutter4
2. mrBear
3. JohnHiggins
4. ChristianaRawr
5. God_Of_War
6. moeinyoho
7. Turbo6001_McK
8. ii_QuickScope_x
9. chaiiios
10. Thibaut87
11. unkown231
12. martin420(had GLoD; but this tut worked for him)
13. StEaLtHRvG
14. the_noob
15. wave_gun_155
16. Sniper_Sean_88
17. Mikeyy
18. Mrtrolololo
19. p311
20. CaptinModz
21. Xx_BrO-K_xX
22. eclipse
23. mrocod
24. 1MTZ_956
25. zElitemodzHD
26. XxEriCxX
27. biker4033
28. Gatemaster
29. Bradley John

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