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Arachetous has released the spoof firmware 4.60 only for custom firmware 4:55 no Cobra with a little spoof 4.60 for all CFW 4.55 CEX standard. The connection to the PSN then works enjoy!


Features v1.00 :
Compatible standard CFW 4.55 CEX only version
Not compatible Rebug or CFW Cobra edition or no-BD
Enabling and disabling spoof easily

Update v1.01 :
add : certificat / CAxx version 4.60

Update v1.02 :
add : support CFW 4.50 CEX Standard

CFW's Compatible :

Rogero 4.55 / 4.50 CEX
Zero / Habib 4.55 / 4.50 CEX
Ferrox 4.55 / 4.50 CEX
Arch 4.55 / 4.50 CEX

CFW's Not compatible :
All CFW Rebug or Cobra Edition and No-BD version.

download and install the package
launch the application, choose enable or disable spoof 4.60
Then put yes to two successive questions (yes to reboot, yes to hard reboot).
Console restarts and ok.

Tested on Rogero / Zero / ARCH / Ferrox 4.55 CEX standard and fully working.
and having also tested PSNpatch or other désactivateur of syscall, this works perfectly.

Note : if you have a ps3 that does not restart correctly. No panic, just reinstall your CFW by the recovery mode.

Download v1.01: Spoof 4.60 for all CFW CEX …pkg (12,96 MB)
Download v1.02: Spoof 4.60 for all CFW-4.55…pkg (18,91 MB)

Credit to The developer Arachetous
and ᴋʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀsᴛʏʟᴇ for the video

Can not be held responsible for any damage irreversible suite to install this application. You made any conscience.

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