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Hi guys, today im going to show you how to FTP games while playing another game or such,

You are going to need a few things first,
1. VSH PRX Loader (Here)
2. webftp Plugin (Here)
3. FTP client and server (FileZilla and Multiman)
4. A brain

Okay lets Start,
1. Download and install the VSH PRX Loader Package.

2. Open up Multiman and FileZilla and navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/USRDIR/

3. Copy the webftp Plugin into the USRDIR
4. Open up the plugins.txt by right clicking it and selecting View/Edit.

5. Copy and paste this inside their "/dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/USRDIR/webftp_server.sprx" (without quotes)

6. Go back to the XMB and run the VSH PRX Loader .pkg that we install earlier, if it kicks you right back to the XMB, it worked, If it doesnt, then follow these steps


First off you need to patch LV2 to disable auto shutdown on LV2 modification. Install the latest version of rebug toolbox from Rebug Website, Run Rebug toolbox, move to LV1 Patches column, and enable LV2 memory protection patch, do this every time you reboot your ps3. Now you can run PRX Loader homebrew (also need to do this every time you boot your PS3), it should kick you back to xmb, this is normal and it mean it worked. If it shut down your ps3 it mean something went wrong with Rebug Toolbox, so remove and reinsert the power cord from your ps3, and try again. Now your plugin are loaded.

7. Now that we have successfully gotten it to load and boot us back to the XMB, open up FileZilla again,

8. Set your login details accordingly,
Host: Your Ps3's IP address
User: anonymous
Pass: anything your heart desires (Honestly Anything)
Port: 21 (if 21 is taken use 8021)

9 Click connect and you should connect to the PS3 when you arent in a FTP server,

Now have fun transferring games while you play!!!

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