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So whenever you try to access the Playstation Store, you will get an error code and it will kick you to the XMB, but this is how to avoid this error.

1) Go to ★Rebug Toolbox, Go right to the "Selector" column, go down to XMB Operation Mode and switch it to DEBUG. Your PS3 Should now reboot.

2) Once your PS3 has rebooted, go to the "GAME" column, and press triangle over the PlayStation®️Store icon and change "★Performance Bar" to ON and change "★Quick Preview" to ON.

3) Now load up and app/game to make sure your settings stick. Then restart your PS3 so it can load your settings fully.

4) Go over to the PlayStation®️ column and go on "★Title Store Preview (Store)" and it should take you to the PSN Store. Note: The "★Title Store Preview" option doesn't always work. If it doesn't work for you, just load up Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, go to Multiplayer, click "store" then you will be taken to a mini-store page with all of the MW3 DLC, just go to the top right corner and go to the downloads section and you can download anything from there.

When you start up a game that you downloaded from the PSN Store, If you get a prompt saying you need to update the game, keep reading. If you don't, you're good to go grin
1) Let your game update like normal

2) You will now get an error code as soon as your game is finished updating, and whenever you load it up you will get the same error code

3) Install PS3ITA Manager
4) Load up PSITA Manager and press the start button

5) Go down to "Tools"

6) Click on "Fix FW Version In PSN/Update Games"

7) It will say "Done! happy" Now hold the PS button and quit game

8) You can now play your PSN games! grin
NOTE: You will need to "Fix FW Version In PSN/Update Games" each time you want to play your PSN Store Games. Thanks :blushysmile:
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