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To quote, roughly translated: FEATURES

Removed ecdsa check from appldr, isoldr, lv1ldr and lv2ldr.
Removed “lv2 memory protection” of appldr. Thanks Miralatijera for this!!
Patched lv1 to added support to lv1 peek, lv1 poke and remove syscon hash check.
Patched lv2 to added lv2 peek, lv2 poke, lv1 peek, lv1 poke and lv1 call.
Patched sys_init_osd to to allow execution of a self when the PS3 starts. Again thanks to Miralatijera for this!!
Added CORE ps3itald, this allow to change the console id or set it as retail when PS3 starts (You do NOT need to use Change IDPS All Region or similar to sign up on PSN).
Patched VSH to added ReactPSN support and ScreenShot InGame.
Patched premo_game_plugin and premo_plugin for allow remote play of pc.
Patched np_trophy_plugin and np_trophy_util for avoid error 0x80022D74 and 0x80022D11.
Patched nas_plugin to allow installation of PKG Retail.
Patched autodownload_plugin and download_plugin to allow installation of games update retail.
Patched UPL.xml to allow installation on PS3 with broken blu-ray drive and broken bluetooth board.
Added Playstation Store and Playstation Home icon.
PSP Remaster work without any problem!
The CFW can run every game with fw version set to 4.50 or lower (no sprx, self patching is necessary).
The CFW can be installed from the XMB over OFW 3.55 and each CFW DEX with spkg check patched (example: cfw ps3ita 4.21 v2.2 dex & cfw ps3ita 4.41 rev4 dex)


Go to the debug settings, set “NP Enviroment” on np, set “Boot Mode” on Release Mode, set “Region Settings” to your region.


Go to the debug settings, set “Blu-ray Disc Access” on BD Emulator (USB), set “Transfer Rate Pacing for BD Emulator” on HDD Native.


The CFW PS3ITA 4.50 DEX for now is only supported of Ps3ita Manager 1.51


Thank you very much to chnps3hax and to Miralatijera, Mysis, Team Rebug, FailOverflow, Graf_Chokolo, KaKaRoTo!

Update: CFW PS3ITA-COBRA 4.50 DEX, impossible mount ps3 games in disk-less mode...

Boys is a bit 'of time we have ready a cfw ps3ita 4.50 dex with patch cobra.. BUT we can not release it if we do not solve this problem..

The PS3 games (in format ISO and JB) are not mounted in disk-less mode, seems that device types is not recognized as valid... Debug log (when i try to mount a ps3 iso from iris manager):

CFW PS3ITA 4.50 DEX: Download here (Password: cervelletto)

PS3 DECH Firmware 4.50: Download here

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Itacobra is good, but just the cobra firmwear is actually more reliable which is good. But not sure on this itacobra, since update, but could be an amazing firmwear.

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Thanks for post maybe some possibilities shifty

"That`s the part that hurts."
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