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Not my product. Just posting on NGU. Credits go to the creators. Please note this is leaked CFW. Take caution.

Forums are lighting up all over about a custom firmware leak that 'looks' to be an unfinished Rebug 4.53.1 with Cobra 7.0.1 functionality. The news broke at PS3Hax forums by super moderator BobbyBangin. Many have jumped on the bandwagon and have tested the custom firmware and were surprised to find many a feature working. Features include a built in Toolbox at version 2.02.00, this is what sways me to believe it is a Rebug leaked CFW. Also reported working is PS, PS2, PS3, PSP ISO's and toggles for Cobra and WEBMAN. More about that below.

Please Note:

This firmware is a leaked firmware and should not be installed without having a hardware flasher available.
Should you do so and brick your console the onus is on you for taking the risks. PSX-Scene is not liable for your actions when installing any custom firmware. If you want said custom firmware rather wait till the Rebug team release an official statement regarding the supposed leak.


Disclaimer* This is said to be Rebug's official 4.53.1 Cobra firmware. I received this anonymously, so I cannot confirm this.

The firmware is reported to have only one issue, which is the same issue that exists in Rebug 4.46 with Cobra on DEX mode. It'll mess up vsh and start going really slow until it freezes, with Cobra enabled while in DEX. Besides that, it works fine.

You can use the toggles to turn Cobra off, to have working DEX mode. Then turn it back on when in CEX.

This will not install over 4.55 or 4.60 CFW. You will need use Rogero's downgrader 3.7 to downgrade, before installing.

•First CFW to include Cobra 7.0.1 features
•Toolbox version 2.02.00 built in
•Toggles for Cobra and WEBMAN
•Rebug mode active in toolbox
•Auto spoofs to 4.55
•Working PS, PS2, PS3, PSP ISO's

So far this has been tested and confirmed working on:
•CECH 2503A
•CECH 2503B
•CECH 2504B

And with special thanks for lot's of testing from pauline45. Here is a quote from him.

Quote Originally Posted by pauline45.

Tested on a cech-2003a running 3.55cfw installed no problem on xmb and recovery. Also tried it on the 2503a that was on habid 4.55 cobra wouldn't install over it on xmb or recovery. I tried it on a cechm03 running 3.55 installed no problem from xmb and recovery, so it won't install on on a higher firmware like 4.55cfw or 4.60cfw. Seems to running fine, so far installed irisman and multiman, playing games okay with irisman, but on multiman 4.60.1 black screen. I tried it on a 2504b running habid 4.53cfw wouldn't load from xmb data corrupt 8002F169, but I tried in recovery and it loaded on. So, confirmed working on cech-2504b, cech-2003a, and cechm03 ps3, but got to be below 4.53 or a ps3 on 4.53 cfw. Won't install on 4.55 habib or rogero 4.55. haxxxens rebug installed over any firmware no problem.

Quote Originally Posted by pauline45.

CECHP-phat nor CECHQ-phat nor both working as testing also CECHC- phat nand and CECHA - phat nand also working. PS3s was running 3.20 ofw and 3.41 on the four of them, when I installed the cfw 4.53.1 rebug /cobra no bricks or freezing. More testing in process with homebrew and other apps
multiman 4.60.1 working now and showtime xmbc etc working ,ps1iso,ps2iso and ps3iso games working as confirmed

Quote Originally Posted by Joonie86

holy shhhhh, I just tried couple PS2 games on this FW, it freaking works........

They found the way to merge PS2 Emu in to one single stage2.. maybe Mamba can work this way huh??????

PS2 controller sync bug still remains as it was claimed as Sony's fault.

MD5 = REBUG COBRA 4.53.1:

Credits & Thanks goes to SSgtHarrell from NGU for posting this, just thought It'd be a good addition to the CFW section for rebug lovers :-)


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Nice! seems like a good cfw thank you

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