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It's only been a few days since the last GameSonic Manager fix, but that hasn't stopped Orion from developing. Version 3.08 isn't the most life-changing revision in the world, but it does offer fixes for JB-format games on 4.60 custom firmware. In addition, the latest webMAN patches are included, and an updated installer with the latest official webMAN is now part of the mix as well. There's not much new to report, but it certainly makes every day use of this homebrew a lot more pleasurable.

Fixed a bug that prevented launching games in JB format (Folder) on CFW 4.60
Insert patch Webman (Thanks Aldo Vargas and Deank)
Updated Installer plugin with the latest version of Webman for CFW 4.60
Notice: In testing we noticed that if your device (HDD or memory) in which you hold the games is plugged into the port farthest from the player BLURAY games JB start only if after the launch of the game by manager wait for 3 seconds on the Game on the XMB, however, if the device is attached to the door closest to the player games can be uploaded instantly.

Notice # 2: If any game is not part of this update, and delete the game and the game will start smoothly, thanks to vittorio For the very useful feedback.

Notice # 3:
If you turn the fan control utility should be more games
fluidly. If by chance you are using the fan control application or utility Evilnat aldo vargas and IRISMAN or Gamesonic manager to start the games, the games will will return black screen.
USING THE CONTROL FAN only the manager no other.

Download Link

Credit to ReVeRTZz

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