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This was actually released on NGU as well as on PS3HAX

The method to run SPRX (Plugins) on the PS3 Console is finally out and here's a little tool i made few weeks ago, it's a GUI for Therifboy's ingame_loader and will save you some time to build SPRX Elf.

You can resign it after it to a EBOOT.bin using TrueAncestor EBOOT Resigner to a CEX or DEX Eboot.
Put your eboot.elf (or whatever the name of it is of your file) in the same folder as the tool, or it will crash.

Step by Step Noob Tutorial

Put your elf file you want to make able to Plugins in the same folder as the tool
Open up the SPRX Elf Builder Tool
Press the "..." Button to search for your .elf File and select it
Change "MyPlugin" to the SPRX Plugin Name
Put your SPRX to "/dev_hdd0/tmp/PLUGINNAME.sprx"

SPRX Elf Builder

C++ Tut

What is SPRX?
SPRX are PS3 Plugins, you can compare them to Xbox DLLs, both needs to be written in C++, but you also have to be careful, i'm not sure what you can fuck up at all on the Console, but i got a RSOD once.
With a plugin will your Code directly executed from Console, means no RTM (Real Time Modding) is required.

This is a video seb made on what can be done with it

I decided to upload to a different site rather than use the official link in case it gets removed, I also added the C++ tut to it (found it on se7ensins) as it needs C++ coding.

Here's a good place to get started with learning C++ as well (for anyone wanting to get into it)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Full credits go to Seb, Therifboy, both for the SPRX builder / tuts  and Shark for posting the original tut (with Therifboy's permission) as well as for the C++ thread

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