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Evil Bunny Clan is a gamer clan of ours where we would hang out in Playstation Home. We don't hang out much anymore, meetings n stuff pretty much don't happen, but many of us are still friends.

most everybody I knew n know through the EBC: Evil Bunny Clan have been some very cool people.

I made a Facebook page for it, as a business organization (haha), so u can choose that if u make a facebook gamer account like i did (for privacy reasons), any u can also find my gamer faebook page, which i use really just for codes n stuff, if you go look for the Evil Bunny Clan organization. u can also *list* Evil Bunny Clan as your place of employment on facebook, if u want privacy for that n like to make your friends laugh.

Evil Bunny Clan is really just a label at this point since none of us are very active. it has no website, so I forwarded people *here* to boost viewers of this website. team-psn is *not* the same as Evil Bunny Clan, only listed our website here to hopefully bring some new people in.

it's the least I can do for ya guys, my friends on facebook are gamers anyway.

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Thanks they are more than welcome.  snowlaugh 

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