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Remember to use system manager v3 not v2

We fixed the bug with the system manager.
Download, install and run version 3 of CFW Setup: Download Link!
After this is done, you can go back to using the CFW Setup in peace and your backups should not give you more problems.

Ps3ita Team present:

Please read all with attention!

Backup Manager currently support the CFW

Download: Gamesonic Manager 2.99

- Addded new_core.
New_core replaces sys_init_osd.self and launch System Manager at boot of console.
It was developed by Estwald and based partially in the work of MiralaTijera. For more information:https://github.com/Estwald/new_core

- Added System Manager
System Manager adjusts fan speed depending on the internal temperature of PS3. It was also developed by Estwald.
We added support to CFW 4.55 DEX and one function that allows to change the speed of the system manager through the program *CFW Setup v2 (see note below)
If you have a PS3 at risk YLOD the system manager will save your console! Use it!!

- Added change of console id at boot of console.
Through the program *CFW Setup v2 you can set a new console id that will be applied automatically each time you start the PS3.
Useful for unban your PS3.
If you not imposted any console id, the console id is change from DEX to CEX. This allow you to connect to PSN.
Work in all Boot Mode (Debugger Mode, System Software, Release Mode).

- ProDG Debugger and Target Manager work fine! (use the version 420.1.0 or higher).

- Direct access to PSN.
- Removed ecdsa check from appldr, isoldr, lv1ldr and lv2ldr.
- Removed "lv2 memory protection" of appldr.
- Patched lv1 to added support to lv1 peek, lv1 poke and remove syscon hash check.
- Patched VSH to added ReactPSN support and ScreenShot InGame.
- Patched premo_game_plugin and premo_plugin for allow remote play of pc.
- Patched np_trophy_plugin and np_trophy_util for avoid error 0x80022D74 and 0x80022D11.
- Patched nas_plugin to allow installation of PKG Retail.
- Patched autodownload_plugin and download_plugin to allow installation of games update retail.
- Patched UPL.xml to allow installation on PS3 with broken blu-ray drive and broken bluetooth board.
- Added Playstation Store and Playstation Home icon

- The CFW can be installed over OFW/CFW 3.55 DEX and each CFW DEX with spkg check patched (example: CFW PS3ITA 4.21 v2.2 DEX, CFW PS3ITA 4.41 rev4 DEX, CFW PS3ITA 4.50 DEX v1.0, **CFW PS3ITA COBRA 4.50 DEX)

If you're on CFW PS3ITA COBRA 4.50 DEX install this CFW from recovery menu.
There is no danger to install it from xmb, but sometimes ps3 after copying the PUP inside the HD does not restart properly and stays on a black screen.
The workaround is just turn manually off/on the ps3 and install the CFW will start automatically.

*CFW SETUP V2 use v3 link top of the page
This program allows you to configure the CFW.
You can turn OFF/ON the System Manager, adjust fan speed, set up a new console id , restore the original console id, change the type of sys_conf_plugin from DEX to CEX.
Read more about..? Start the homebrew "CFW Setup v2", select the option you want and press "START" button.

chnps3hax, Miralatijera, Team Rebug, FailOverflow, KaKaRoTo!

Estwald!!! (the master)
Graf_Chokolo (We never forget what you did

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