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Today, developer Aldostool's has contributed to update the Fan Control Utility which was origanally created by Estwald. In this update it supports the latest 4.60 CFW following the release by Sony few days ago.

The mod also contains an AUTOBOOT.ISO which is for the Cobra ODE users if they don't wish to use the webMAN plugin. Aldostool has given us two versions of the app, one is no-GUI version and the other without a GUI, read more details below.

This is an unofficial version of Fan Control Utility by Estwald that auto-quits immediately to XMB after set the fan policy. Hold (X) for 10 seconds to enable the GUI. The settings will be saved in the internal HDD, if the included PKG is installed and dev_hdd0/game/CTRLFAN00/fan_speed.dat exists.

Changelog (v2.04):
Added payloads to support
4.55DEX (Thanks to Rancid-O)
4.60CEX (Thanks to Habib).
Note: The AUTOBOOT.ISO for COBRA 7 auto-quits. There are 2 PKG files: one hasno GUI, the other always shows the GUI. If you use CFW COBRA 7, you can use the Dynamic Fan Control option in webMAN 1.29

Credits: Thanks to Estwald for the payload for 4.55CEX, PS3L1GHT environment and the open source project. Thanks to HABIB for the payloads for 4.46/4.50/4.53CEX/4.60CEX, Rancid-O for DEX payloads.

Download: Fan Control Utility
Source: ps3tools.aldostools.org

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