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Im Sorry if it's illegible let me know if you don't understand and i can help

First download Psnstuff: Download Link

Then download the rap and game or DLC you want

After downloading the rap your going to want to place the rap file or files which will be in the exdata folder into a USB.(PLACE exdata folder in USB with rap files inside)

Then i believe if your files over 3 gigabytes you will have to split the file using splitter in psnstuff before putting it on USB.

Plug usb into PS3 obviously

Go into multiman once the file is split and on the USB.

go ALL the way to the left and you should see an install pkg file option

go until you see your pkg's click queue

It'll copy the file to the system then click install and it'll bring you to the XMB

After that just install the files. Once that is done your going to want to create a new user named "aa" and download reactpsn from here DataFileHost then install the pkg onto your ps3

(**DEX users only**) If you change your console ID make sure your on the console ID you want to use the game or DLC on before using react psn cause you'll have to be on the console id you first used reactpsn on for the game to work, but if you mess up you can always just redo the reactpsn step if you mess up on changing your console id

Once you have react psn installed just go onto the aa account then click reactpsn and your ps3 should appear to restart after a few seconds and BAM your done.

BTW you should notice that the aa user name changed leave it as long as you want to keep your games working otherwise you'll have to repeat the reactpsn step again by just creating a new user and all that junk you don't have to reinstall reactpsn for you simple minded folk out there btw...

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ah okay nice I might have to give this a try woohoo! especially since my 2nd 3.55 is on it's way ")

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