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tep 1:
Open LibertyV and click to PlayStation 3

Step 2:
Click open and select your update.rpf

Step 3:
Go to update.rpf > ps3 > patch > levels > gta5 > script > and right click to script.rpf export the file (dont close livertyV)

Step 4:
Rename the file exported to script1.rpf and go LibertyV just below script.rpf click right and click "Import files.." and import script1.rpf

Step 5:
Click to your file imported (script1.rpf) in LibertyV double click

Step 6:
Right click on the right, importe file and select: modmenu.csc ; appmail.csc ; hotfix.csc and confirm

Step 7:
Save the script1.rpf

Step 8:
Go Screenshot at 21:44:04 | ScreenCloud export content.xml open the file with notepad and replace Screenshot at 21:45:49 | ScreenCloud and save,

Step 9:
Import the content.xml with edit on update.rpf
and save update.rpf

Step 10:
close libertyV place your update.rpf in hdd0/game/BL(E)or(U)S...../usdir/

Step 11:
Go gta with anti-freeze tool

Credit: ɳβ732

ECB2 for the mod menu

View user profile http://www.team-psn.net

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