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[news] PlayStation's Streaming TV Service Seems to Be Doing Quite Well 3089188-vue

You might have expected PlayStation Vue, Sony's streaming TV service, to be
somewhat of a throwaway--something unlikely to ever hit it big. And while it's
true that it still has a ways to go, the service has already surpassed a big

Vue now has more than 100,000 subscribers, according to sources speaking with
Bloomberg. The figure may in fact be closer to 120,000, though for its part
Sony isn't confirming any specifics.

After debuting in some US markets in 2015, Vue officially launched nationwide
this March. It has seen several price cuts for certain packages, with its cheapest
bundle currently going for $30.

The service continues to expand in other ways; this week, it saw the release of a
new app for Android, as well as new features for the PS4 and PS3 versions.
These included a video thumbnail when browsing the channel guide and a new
quick-navigation option, among other things.

Vue is available on a number of non-Sony devices, but not Xbox One. Those with
Microsoft's system instead have the option of using Sling TV, which Bloomberg reports
has more than 700,000 subscribers. It has, however, been around for longer than Vue.

Combined, these services represent only a small fraction of the number of people
who have dropped traditional cable television. Media companies are increasingly
looking to help make up for those losses through streaming, which is quickly becoming
the only way to watch TV for some people. Bloomberg notes that more than 10 million
US household now get their TV exclusively from internet services, up from just about
2 million in 2010.

It's unclear how far Vue will continue to grow, but it's likely to face new competition,
with the likes of AT&T, Hulu, Apple, Amazon, and Google all considering joining the fray.

[news] PlayStation's Streaming TV Service Seems to Be Doing Quite Well Team-PSN_zpstdbeyqg5
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