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[news] PlayStation VR already sold out in America Playstation_vr_price_release_date_18

Pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset have already all
gone in the US, with shortages also likely in the UK.

The final wave of pre-orders for PlayStation VR have gone live this week
and… they’re already sold out.

According to a Gamespot source speaking to IGN they were snapped up
‘within minutes’. Which means that unless you’re amongst those that
pre-ordered you now have no chance of getting one until they’re actually
released, at least in America.

In the US the PlayStation VR has a specific release date of October 13,
but in the UK it’s just sometime in October. Sony Europe hasn’t said what
their stock situation is, but it is still available for pre-order on Amazon and
GAME’s websites.

The PlayStation VR will cost £349 in the UK, compared to $399 in the US
– which currently works out as exactly £300.

Around two dozen games are currently expected to launch alongside the
headset, although many are budget-priced downloadable titles. The highest
profile include Batman: Arkham VR, Battle Zone, RIGS, Rez Infinite, Until
Dawn: Rush Of Blood, and EVE: Valkyrie.

Although some rumours point towards Sony also releasing the PlayStation
Neo upgrade console this year, to accompany and enhance the PlayStation VR,
Sony are leaving it awfully late to make an announcement. Although they
did recently admit that the console does exist

[news] PlayStation VR already sold out in America Team-PSN_zpstdbeyqg5
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