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The visual redesign of the PS4's PlayStation Store game pages is now live.

The new look was first leaked earlier this year, when it was made briefly available
to at least some users before reverting to the old style. It offers the same basic
functionality as before; it just arguably looks nicer. You can see it in the gallery below.

Most of what's pictured above is accessed by scrolling down on the game's PSN
page. The exception is the media page, where you can find screenshots, videos,
and streams of the game. To get to this, you scroll up, causing a video to begin
playing in the background. There doesn't appear to be any way to rewind or fast-
forward these.

Today's changes don't affect the overall PlayStation Store; it's just the specific
game pages now sporting this new look. It's unclear if Sony has plans to revamp
the remainder of the store or the PS4's overall interface, which has largely gone
untouched since launch in 2013.

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