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The latest details for the rumored "Crash Bandicoot" reboot feature Sony bringing back the game
from Activision and the game's voice actor teasing new title for the PS4.

Video game voice actor Lex Lang hinted on his Facebook page some of his upcoming new
projects,which include voicing three characters from three different video games. The description

Lang made from his characters is a "doctor", a "devil" and an "A.I./droid".
Video game fans begun to speculate that the "doctor" role that Lang will be portraying will be Crash
Bandicoot's arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex since it is the only "doctor" role he had done in a video game.
Dr. Cortex is the main villain in the "Crash Bandicoot" game series as he is responsible for bringinv
Crash to life through his experimentation in the first game.

Lang has voiced Dr. Cortez in several "Crash Bandicoot" titles such as "Crash Twinsanity", "Crash
Tag Team Racing", "Crash of the Titans", and "Crash: Mind Over Mutant". While this gave a glimpse
of hope for gaming fans to have "Crash Bandicoot" return to the PlayStation 4 console. However,
Lang quickly denied the post after he read the comments, PlayStationLifeStyle reported.

Although Lang denied playing Dr. Cortex again, he stated that he would love to see "Crash
Bandcoot" again and went on to say that if "Ratchet and Clank" can be turned into a movie than
he does not see why "Crash Bandiccot" would do the same thing.

In other news, there are several speculations and rumors hinting that Sony Entertainment has
bought back the rights of "Crash Bandicoot" from Activision.

According to Segment Next, Naughty Dogs new game "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" featured an
easter egg for "Crash Bandicoot" when a cutscene from the game sees Nathan Drake playing one
of Elena's favoirte video game. It shows the first PlayStation console and the game Drake is
playing is the first "Crash Bandicoot" video game.

During "Uncharted 4's" credits, Sony did not include Acivision for the "Crash Bandicoot" easter egg
within the game, which speculated that Sony might have brought back its right from Activision or
possibly its developer Naughty Dog forgot to add Activision similar as to what they did with Black
Flag art.

Activision bough the rights of "Crash Bandicoot" from Sony in 2008, but has not developed any
new titles for the IP ever since.

The rumors of the "Crash Bandicoot" reboot game started when the official Twitter page of
PlayStation Middle-East tweeted a photo of Crash Bandicoot, which spark the assumption by the
many netizens and gaming fans that it come back soon. PlayStation Latin America also tweeted
another Crash Bandicoot photo sporting a more remastered look, thus teasing a new game franchise.
In addition, a possible appearance for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event on June.

"Crash Bandicoot" was original developed by Naught Dog and it was exclusive only for the
PlayStation console. The original game debut in 1996 and was re-launched in 2007 as a
downloadable game in the PSN.

2016 marks that 20th Anniversary of "Crash Bandicoot" and fans are still hoping for  its reboot
in the PS4 console soon.

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