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Hey Team-PSN members just found out how we can get Spotify for free and not pay 10 bucks a month cause screw that! Grow anyway, here are the steps:

1.) Have an Android phone/tablet (whatever you want spotify on)
2.) Delete the original Spotify app on your phone you dont need it anymore!
3.) Go to this link on your phone: Spotify Premium
3.) Download it by clicking on "Download now"
4.) Its an .APK file, install it, there are no viruses or anything potentially harmful its completely safe and I use it myself!
5.) Once installed, open the application either make a new account or log in your account

ATTENTION!! For Facebook users make sure you know your email and password because you cant click on the blue button that says "Log in with Facebook". You need to first get on facebook make sure the facebook account that is affiliated with your Spotify account is logged in on your phone and then back out of that and go back into the spotify application and log in with your facebook email and password you should be logged in no problems!

Once you are logged in you will know it works by a little pop up at the bottom saying [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] kinda funny.. lol

Anyway guys I hope you enjoy this! I know I do, I love my music cant get enough!

I should also include this version does not include Offline Mode, so you cant listen to playlists in offline mode sadly. But hey! If it saves me 10 dollars a month what can I say? Again hope you guys enjoy! snowman

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Thanks so much!

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Ive also noticed that it plays Ads if you skip the songs too many times but I mean you gotta skip like 20-30 times before the add pops up, the most an ad would play is 30 seconds. Im gonna listen to music for about an hour or two and see if the ads still appear, wish they wouldnt sad1 but, still you can pick and choose songs like you can with Premium

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