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Two Canadian artists created a working controller in the shape of a bra that can be used for
gamers to play PS1 games. Called the Itagaki Interface, the bra controllers were used to
play "Dead or Alive.

Inspiration in technology often comes in various forms, ranging from awe-inspiring to
downright bizarre. This is especially true with video game controllers where you can get
anything ranging from Sony's DualShock controllers to Nintendo's horseshoe-shaped
controller that might make an appearance for the Nintendo NX.

With all this in mind, what would you say about a PlayStation DualShock controller that
comes in the shape of a bra?

It sounds strange, but it's quite real. Two Toronto-based artists, Daniele Hopkins and Kyle
Duffield, teamed up to create a PlayStation controller in the shape of a wearable bra. The
bra/controller, called the Itagaki Interface, provides a novel look at the interaction between
technology and art.

The Itagaki Interface isn't just a simple art project since it actually works, and if the thought
of that weirded you out, then this next piece of information is sure to make you feel even
weirder: the controller was used to play "Dead or Alive" on the original PlayStation.

If the irony is lost on you, then here is some background: "Dead or Alive" is notorious for
featuring highly sexualized female characters (there's a few males here and there) often
wearing close to nothing as they beat the tar out of each other. There has been quite a bit
of controversy surrounding the series, including, but not limited to, the notion that the game
objectifies women.

When you understand that, it seems quite odd that you would be able to play a game with
highly sexualized women by playing with a man's or woman's chest. However, that is
exactly the point, according to the artists, who said in a statement:

"This piece questions general assumptions about the willingness of the game's target
audience to face the contrast between reality and fantasy in relation to assumed preference
and comfort level when confronted with real-life physical interaction through either a male or
female 'interface.' Itagaki Interface is meant to be an open forum that acknowledges both the
controversy and success of DOA's highly sexualized characters by giving gamers the
opportunity to directly address the source of the controversy - how gamers interact with
sexuality in both digital and physical forms when presented simultaneously."

It should be noted that this project isn't entirely new. The project was for a demonstration at
the Game+Art Convergence in 2013 but has recently gained traction again thanks to
several posts on Reddit.

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