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For many, the NES is a legendary console – even if ours spent more time on the blink than actually running games. If you happen to have one where the cartridge connectors aren't all mangled, however, then you may be interested in this exciting accessory: the Retro Receiver NES allows you to play your 8-bit games wirelessly using a DualShock 4 or a DualShock 3. What?

It's true. The discreet piece of plastic plugs straight into one of the Control Deck's front ports and searches for a signal from your wireless controller of choice. You can buy wireless versions of the NES or SNES pad, but why pay more when you've already got a PlayStation controller lying around? The adapter costs $19.99 so it's a touch steep, but haven't you always wanted to play The Legend of Zelda without wires?

We've been waiting for this moment to arrive since the late 80s.

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