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Who cares about release dates, eh? According to various sources, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has gone on sale well before the 10th May, its official launch date. Reports began last night, when German publication PCGames.de pointed out that Amazon Germany is already dispatching the game to those who have pre-ordered it. Likewise, ThisGenGaming.com reported that Amazon US is currently doing the exact same thing. An honest mistake? A crafty scheme? Tough to say, and it's worth mentioning that the title was originally going to release today before it was delayed, but nothing changes the fact that Naughty Dog's latest is now out there in the wild.

What's even more worrying, however, is that VideoGamer has received evidence that the title is on sale right now at CEX, a UK retailer. The website's been in contact with an individual known as Shabz, who has provided pictures of the game's casing and a receipt from the store.

Shabz recalls the purchase: "I went in to CEX... to actually buy myself a camera lens, and when I went to the counter to purchase the lens I saw behind the shop assistant that there was Uncharted 4 so as a try I said can I also get a copy of Uncharted 4, he just picked it up and rang it through the till. The game cost £55." Madness.
Shabz also says that the game's single player campaign "is so far running fine", but can't access the title's multiplayer component, which makes sense at this point, as we doubt that the servers will be going live for a while yet, and there'll probably be a day one patch available before the official release date rolls around.

Dare we ask if you've seen Uncharted 4 for sale? Has your order been shipped, perhaps? Pray that we're not swamped with spoilers in the comments section below.

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