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Hello Team-psn! happy
New design (hope you all like it)
Back to the way 1.2 worked to it should work fine online again
Changed some features like the bullet car
Added "Open Keyboard" to the main menu
Forge Menu:
Attach Selected Prop To Player
Player Menu:
Added list of players (you can still use triangle + square to cycle through them)
Note: There is one text bug where the title goes off the screen in one of the menu's. I will fix that in a later update.
Mostly debug stuff added (not in the release version)
Possibly fixed some bugs :/
Added working CEX version!
You set your custom text with the keyboard option in the other menu and you can do various things with that text:
Added spawn custom object in forge menu (one of the custom text)
Custom name
Custom car
Weather Menu:
Reset Weather
Random Weather
Neutral Weather
Snow (randomly chooses one of the 3 types of snowy weather)
I am working on releasing my private version of the menu which will cost money happy I will still release the regular version of the menu but it has less features.
Online is working! I tested this exact version by myself and it works online.
+ Forge Menu:
+ Forge Options
Menu looks sharper and runs a bit faster thanks to Kryptus for the 'idea' on how to do it
Me Menu:
+ Toggle Invisibility
+ Collision
+ No Collision
Weapon Menu:
> name change to Gravity Gun and fix for working online
+ Show Player Locations
Car Menu (2):
> Changed limo option to bus
+ Open Doors
+ Close Doors
+ Speedometer
Player Menu (2):
+ Freeze Car
+ Unfreeze Car
+ Attach Players By Rope (You have to change player and click it again)
+ Message Menu
Other Menu:
+ Minigame (use right joystick to move around. Eat up the blue dot 5 times to win)
+ Create Checkpoint
Recovery Menu:
> Changed give $1 to $10,000
+ Skip Tutorial (I think it is new)
+ Rank 120 (You unlock everything at this rank)
+ Rank 150
+ Rank 250
+ Clear Badsport
NOTE: Click square to change between your first and second online character
+ Lobby Menu:
+ Explode Lobby
+ Message To All

First Release
How to install:
Step 1.
in ~/BLES01807/USRDIR/ delete the EBOOT.BIN and put in the new EBOOT.BIN you downloaded

Step 2.
Put gopro_2027_menu.sprx in /dev_hdd0/tmp/

Put GTAmenu.sprx in /dev_hdd0/tmp/
R1+RDPAD to open
UP and DOWN to scroll
X and O to navigate/select
SQUARE on some mods to change the option
SQUARE and TRIANGLE in the player menu to change player
It is possible and if you are getting errors you probably installed it wrong. It is just a fact. If you really need help with the menu them pm me with your cfw, cex or dex, what the problem is, and the menu version if you know.

If you get the "Session Timed Out" error while trying to go online then follow these steps:
1. Go back to singleplayer
2. Sign out (press triangle over the ps button thing)
3. Sign back in
4. Go online again
5. Repeat until you stop getting the error (sometimes it takes 2 or 3 more tries but rarely more than that)

If you are getting the error saying you are not signed into psn you can do one of 2 things:

1. In the debug settings, change "Release Check Mode" from "Development Mode" to "Release Mode". Not only will this fix the bug, you will be able to run other games (such as world at war) that would normally crash if you were set to development mode.

2. Try different stuff until you get "The rockstar game services are down" (example: try to join a crew member) and then go to the online tab and press up then quickly spam x before it says the you are not signed in bug.
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