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Hey guys, here is the update with Project Nebula or Nebula Realms  :P This was posted by the Community Manager of Nebula. This post is from the official website, so all credit is towards Nebula_CM Thank you! Hopefully this answers all questions users may have.

"Hello Nebula Community and future citizens of Nebula! As the year advances we are getting closer to finishing “The Core” of Nebula Realms and we could not be more excited about it! We are close, but we need (just a little) more time to have ready all the features and content that we wish to include in the first beta!

Reason for that it's because the server player and database management took a little longer than we expected. The good thing is that we achieved a very secure, stable and fast server service, it wasn't an easy task, but it's done!

We have moved the beta release date to mid May (this is SONY confirmed and approved), the exact day will be QA testing dependable, and unfortunately we can't be more precise.  We are aware of how eager you guys are to enter the Nebula, so to make it up to you we would increase considerably the number of the closed beta players and try to fit as many people as we can handle.

Now, here are some answers of some of the questions that we been reading about the beta:

Q: How can I enter the closed beta? Is it free?
A: The first batch of beta players will be selected from:
- Kickstarter Project Nebula backers (all of them)
- Forum Contest winners
- Selected bloggers and Youtubers
- Most participative, helpful and friendly forum and Facebook group and community members
- Survey results/answers (we will send a survey in April to the Nebula Mail subscribers )
- Mail subscribers raffle

Q: Is the beta free?
A: The beta it's 100% free.

Q: Will beta users have any exclusive beta item?
A: No

Q: Will the shop be available?
A: Probably yes, if not, we will open it soon after the beta it's available

Q: How much content can we expect for the release?
A: About 650/700 clothing items (this includes some free rewards) and does not include bundles

Q: Which features the beta release will contain?
A: The first release will contain the following features:
– Avatar advanced customization
– Shops / Clothing
– Wardrobe features
– Dances
– Gestures
– Friend list / Block list /Ignore list/Favourite list
– Some mini-games
– Some environment interaction
– Instance public chat
– Instance Personal user to user chat
– Server shared between EU and US players

Q: Will the beta becoming a full title or will it be a stand alone version?
A: The beta will eventually transform into a full title and it will keep all your items and settings.

Q: What features can we expect in the upcoming beta updates?
– Bug fixing
– Server stability
– Multi-server selection build in game
– More mini-games
– Companions and locomotions
– More animations
– Housing
– XP system
– Nebula subscription
– Housing features (this is what will take longer to be added) including personal spaces and furniture items.
– Game improvements and tweaking
– More content
– PS Trophies

Q: When the public Beta will be available?
A: Once the closed beta is stable and we feel it's ready to handle more players, we will be adding more players to the closed Beta over time.

Q: How long the Beta is going to last?
A: Until we have added all the features that we want (we have a long “to do” list) and the game is bug free, fast and stable.

As always we truly appreciate the community’s support and patience and we hope to see you all soon in Nebula Realms!" ~ Community Manager of Nebula Realms (ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE CM OF THIS POST)

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