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If you didn't know, you can get free avatars that usually cost money on the PlayStation store.
Here is the link for the avatars!:1,423 AVATARS
If the link no longer works please let me know and i will upload them asap.
Virus scan: No need since theyre just edats and over 50mb.
Special Thanks to these people for their donations of avatars

- CookeditBruh
- Stunz
- koekiemonstarr2
- AtlanticModz
- Funzaur (Release of Legendary Avatars)
- SwA_x_iDriZzy / SwA_x_iBeaTs
- BornModzx
- rambomonstu
- WcM-Laser
- Dog88Christian
- WolfyModz
- ModsForKidz
- Disturbed2012
- DeceptionCFW
- BlazedHoster
- ImEquiped
- BananaIsTheKing
- Pre Cummer
- AziouxHD
- BATMANx863
- Lavecy
- xTurntUpLobbies
- TheHulksUncle
- omuyasha
- ZackFairFF7X
- Asshole
- samoel
- xxwsxx
- EskimoDex
- Anixil
- ImxJayy
- BrevzHoster
- xXGhOSTfAcE72Xx
- MoanForMoDz

This is what you have to do!

1) Copy all the ".edat" files in a folder of your USB device and connect it to ps3
2) Go to MultiMAN, then enter to file manager mode ( start + select ) and navigate in :
dev_hdd0/home/0000000X , then create a folder called " psn_avatar " and past there the files
3) Access to PSN, go to account management and enjoy your new Avatars!


You can watch this video , just incase if you don't understand. 



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