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[Release] OFW 4.75 FERROX DualBoot  YTunTx4
Program: OFW 4.75 FERROX DualBoot
Developer & Source: ’Alexander’ of Open Modding
Details: A dual boot firmware. This is a modified version of ‘official firmware’ (hence, OFW) that will allow users to switch between the OFW and CFW interchangeably with ease.
Quote via (translated) OpenModding.Net release thread by ‘Alexander’:

It ‘good to remember that before installing the Dual Boot, you have to format the internal HDD. This prevents possibilii scans Homebrew and / or plugin installed previously. 


- Disabled ECDSA in LV0 (isoldr)
- Disabled ECDSA in SPU PKG (spu_pkg_rvk_verifier)
- No function for CFW’S abilitata- No QA FLAG Enabled
- Stealth (Dimensions as nell’OFW 4.75) From an idea of ​​HABIB.


CECH 2004A - Tested and Working. (Thanks MizIo90)
CECH 2004b - Tested and Working. (Thanks MizIo90)
CECHC-O4 - Tested and Working. (SNK)
CECHG-O4 - Tested and Working.
CECH 2504A - Tested and Working. (REIZA72) 

MD5: 9978C9E1C86D19F0D5B6722531E25B8C
SIZE: 206,127,588 bytes (196 MB)

[Release] OFW 4.75 FERROX DualBoot  2ld9ke8
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