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[Release] FBANext MXM MOD v1.0 by SNK  GxpUUbq
Program: FBANext MXM Mod
Version: v 1.0.0
Developer & Source: SNK of Maxmodding.it
Details: Changes made in FBANext Playstation 3 (formerly, Final Burn Alpha; a multi-arcade emulator) for an updated, simplified, and more user-friendly process. FBANext has generally been a native port for both the Xbox 360 & PS3 platforms.
Quote (via Google Translate):
Under a user request I decided to make a change in the emulator FBANext Playstation 3. The emulator was initially made ​​by the coder Squarepusher, and within the different release has been amended several times by various users and Developer of the scene PS3. Under the version 1.0.0 we decided to make our changes and implementations, so that it can release the PS3 community.
When this emulator was released I noticed in various forums the difficulty of some users in being able to use it, according to the criticism that at the time they were allocated, I decided to make the process much simpler and easy to use. Let’s see in detail the changes …

  • Made from version 1.0.0.
  • Added support for the start of the ROM.
  • Place different directory to start the ROM.
  • Added directory for compatibility with multiMAN from the column back.
  • Replaced ICON0.PNG and PIC1.PNG.
  • Several changes and additions in fbanext-ps3.XML.
  • Compatible with MAME ROM and NEO GEO.

Supported platforms:

  • Capcom CPS-1
  • Capcom CPS-2
  • Capcom CPS-3
  • Cave
  • Neo Geo
  • Sega System 16
  • Toaplan
  • Taito
  • Psikyo 68EC020
  • Miscellaneous others

Changes and Use

  • Fixed black screen before the first time: The first time you start the emulator gave black screen forcing the user to restart the console, if at least one ROM was not included in a directory the problem could not be resolved and therefore we have solved this problem . This generated an XML file (options) that serves to launch the ROM and the configuration menu. We solved this problem by making sure that the file of the setup menu is already there, ready to take you into the emulator menu where you can start your ROM.
  •  Changed the icons on display in XMB.
  •  Place different directory for placement of ROM.

How to load the ROM
From Internal HDD:
“/ Dev_hdd0 / roms” This directory can be exploited to the start of the ROM menu FBANext. 
You have to create the folder “roms” in lower case, and upload the folder “/ dev_hdd0 /”. You can do this from Filezilla or other FTP server by creating it directly. 
“/ Dev_hdd0 / ROMS / fba” This directory can be exploited for the boot ROM of the column back to multiMAN, you must position the ROM folder “fba”. 
You have to create the folder “ROMS” in uppercase and the folder “fba” in tiny inside “ROMS” folder “fba” you can load your ROM .zip. 
From External HDD or USB:
Create a folder roms in an external HDD or USB, you are going to charge your ROM .zip. This will launch the ROM menu FBANEXT. 
We tried to create the directory to start the ROM from multiMAN through external devices but these were not seen  we will try to better understand why and if we do another version. 
All ROM MAME and NEO GEO must be loaded in .zip format, it is to be noted that the best compatibility we found for the ROM MAME, in any case many ROM may not be compatible or even some are not even views from ‘ emulator. This is not a problem but the emulator itself well by the manufacturer of the ROM, we found greater compatibility from manufacturers such as: Taito corporation, Tecnos Japan, Capcom, Sega, SNK, Namco, Konami and Tad, other manufacturers do not seem to be compatible emulator FBANext.
Games Tested and Working

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
  • GoldenAxe
  • The King Of figter 94
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Doble Dragon Neo Geo
  • Gosts’n Goblins
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Super Ball Dogge
  • X-Men vs. Street Fighter
  • Sunset Riders
  • The Simpsons
  • Street Fighter II
  • Shinobi
  • Wonder Boy 4
  • PacMan
  • Three Wonders
  • Altered Beast
  • Toki
  • Ghouls’ n Ghosts
  • Arkanoid

Custom Firmware Tested

  • Rogero CFW 4:46 Cobra.
  • CFW 4.70 Cobra Habib, Darknet, and Rebug.
  • The emulator should be compatible from 3:55 to CFW 4.70 retail versions and cobra.

Once you start the game:
Press ‘Select’ to enter credits and ‘Start Button |>’ to start the game
Short Video Demonstration
Link to video: Click Here

[Release] FBANext MXM MOD v1.0 by SNK  2ld9ke8
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