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Hey guys, i got very interesting thread today, since the old methods got patched in getting ur DOB when resting your password.

When you rest password, it will ask you for a DOB, some people (like me) put a random DOB, and they want their accounts back, will i got this AMAZING and easy method, to bypass your DOB step. Lets start:

Step 1:

click forget password, or rest password (obviously, ) in Playstation website, or in your console, they will send you a email look like this :

[Tutorial] [PSN/SEN] How To Bypass Date Of Birth! Screen%20Shot%202015-05-30%20at%201.19.11%20PM_zpswgpujcnq
" />

Step 2:

Click the rest link in the E-mail:

it will lead you to this page: 

[Tutorial] [PSN/SEN] How To Bypass Date Of Birth! Screen%20Shot%202015-05-30%20at%201.24.56%20PM_zpsqrpfttpz
" />

Step 3:

Now click inspect element 

[Tutorial] [PSN/SEN] How To Bypass Date Of Birth! Screen%20Shot%202015-05-30%20at%201.26.31%20PM_zpsllqhoet8
" />

it may look horizontal, or vertical.

Step 4:

Click Ctlr + F, and search for this sentence "/reg/account/forgot-password-verify-identity" (without the quotes), 

[Tutorial] [PSN/SEN] How To Bypass Date Of Birth! Screen%20Shot%202015-05-30%20at%201.30.54%20PM_zpssrxvnmx8
" />

Now change it to: "/liquid/reg/account/change-password.action" (without the quotes).

After that, just click continue without entering any dat of both, and it should lead you the new password page.

Credit to Toxic Mods 

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This is pretty clever happy

[Tutorial] [PSN/SEN] How To Bypass Date Of Birth! Team-PSN_zpstdbeyqg5
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