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hello guys 

so i just got dragon ball and i start to modding it 

mods in my tool is enough for now 

i will add more things like god mode..etc soon but i have to wait my friend till he get it 

here is a pic from the tool

Note:: Parameters point is for upgrading your skills so you can get all your skills full so you can fight and defeat all players in 10 secounds

you can download my tool from here


source code free for evreyone

Dragon Ball Xen rtm tools source code 1.05

now u can put your own mods or update it

please before share offest's give me a credit

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UPDATED to 1.05::::

i fixed few thing and i added those thing...

Unlimted Ki work online and offline 

also if you change to super saiyan 1 or 2 unlimted ki is not going to work

anyway you don't need super saiyan anymore with unlimted ki 

also i added unlimted trick force

You Should play 1 game online to make money and level and point stick ^_^


im not responsible for any banned you got use it at your own risk!


all offests on this tool found by iN3eemHD

thanks evreyone and enjoy  

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